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Laptop and Plant

Teletherapy in mental health refers to the delivery of psychotherapy via high-resolution, live video conferencing. Sessions are very similar to traditional sessions, but instead of sitting in the same room, client and therapist interact via live video conferencing. 
If you've ever used Skype or facetime, you've used similar technology. Teletherapy offers an effective way to ensure continuity of care, and continue your treatment and your relationship with your therapist.Similarly, for new clients, teletherapy allows you to get started with therapy.  
-You will find the teletherapy consent in the forms sections. 
- Our teletherapy services are conducted through, a Hipaa compliant tool.
- You don't have to download any apps, at the time of your session, I will send you an email with a link to the session.
- Use a secure internet connection 
- Find a private place, free of interruptions, where third parties will not overhear the conversation (talk to your family members about respecting your therapy time).
- If the space is not private enough, consider using head phones or earbuds to keep your therapist's voice private. 
- Consider using white noise close to the door to block out the conversation.
- If you experience difficulties finding a private place at home,  consider a walking closet, the laundry room, or as a last choice go to your car (preferably inside your garage or make sure you are in a safe location and have a good internet connection).
- Try to make the place you choose comfortable for you.


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